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The first film he produced and acted in was "Sthree" (1950), but the one that stabilised his stature as an actor, was "Jeevitha Nauka," (1951). Made by K and K Productions and directed by K. Vembu, it starred him along with B. S. Saroja in the lead. A roaring hit and a trendsetter, "Jeevitha Nauka" was further dubbed into four languages including Hindi. The next year he acted in "Navalokam" based on a social theme along with Miss Kumari as his heroine. The year 1952 witnessed another big hit "Visappinte Vili") in which he teamed up with Prem Nazir, an aspiring novice then, was an instant success and the two went on to make an impressive pair in a couple of films.
  Scene from movie "Sundhari"

Thereafter it was films and films all the way, which established Thikkurissy's stature as a mature and much-sought-after actor.

Having penned the story, screenplay, dialogue and lyrics for "Shariyo Thetto", the next year, besides appearing in the pivotal role and directing it, he created a unique record, which has not been surpassed so far.

He had been a lyricist for several films which include "Sthree'... "Palunku Paathram", "Devasundari", "Urvashi Bharathi", "Poojapushpam" and "Balloon".

While he pursued a predictable pattern in screenplays, he had a penchant for punchy dialogue that went well with the audience. He tinged his lines honeydew of romanticism adding pinch of erotica for extra effect. Noted for its choice of words and subtlety of expression, 'Kaarkoonthal Kettinethinu Vaasanathailam , from "Urvashi Bharati" ranks at par with the finest piece in Malayalam.
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Among the movies scripted by him are "Sree Ayyappan", "Muthalali" and "Aana Valarthiya Vanambadi". He donned the director's mantle for many a successful film including "Nurse", "Poojapushpam", "Saraswati", "Chilampoli", "Achante Bharya" and "Urvashi Bharati". As far as acting goes, he was at home with any type of role, benign or bizarre, majestic or macabre. Whatever the part, he plunged himself heart and soul into its interpretation. For him, acting was not an act of imitation but an intimate art of innovation and improvisation. This was exactly why he could associate himself with avant-garde as well as mainstream films evincing equal flair and felicity in both.
  Scene from movie "Sree Ramapatabhishekham"

It was a kind of exploration! Thikkurissy comes to life every time you watch him play a character on screen. School master, Decent Sankaran Pillai.... and many more, he played them all. The great actor may be gone but his films shall live forever.
As somebody remarked a movie actor never dies for he shall always live in his movies. So will Thikkurissy.

He also evinced a keen skill in oratory and earned considerable fame as an eloquent speaker and his speeches were noted for their literary flavour. This ability to engage and enthrall audiences stood him in good stead when he embarked on the acting vocation.

He was also responsible for naming personalities and organisations that made their mark.Renowned director Priyadarsan was christened by him. So was the great Prem Nazir. Mohanlal's Production company was named 'Pranavam' by Thikkurissy. There are many institutions including Barbershops to Business Hotels, which he has inaugurated.

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